Featured Content-5 tips for better photos

5 tips for taking better photos:

  1. Tell a story within a photo; when you are shooting people in action, animals or trees.  When you look at the photo, is there a story that tells you what is happening?        Then its a better shot already!
  2. Try it in Black & White; if a photo looks good, but not great. Try it in Black & White in camera changes or in post production.
  3. Rule of thirds; to focus a single point, or person try shooting them to one side of the photo. It allows you to focus on that one person and can allow to bring in more background for more story.
  4. Shoot less, not more; take your time to take a photo. Sometimes is better to take one good photo instead of 10 bad ones.
  5. Direction is everything; sometimes you have to turn your camera to fit the shot in, but sometimes turn your camera for a new angle! I will even shoot the same look in both vertical and horizontal views. Try it!

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