Square reader – should you have one for your social?

A Square reader is a great option to so many social hall locations without ATM’s across Winnipeg and Manitoba.  You can order your reader right from Square (https://squareup.com/ca) or from in person stores like Staples.  There are 2 options, a swipe square for credit card only, you plug into your phone and use is generally free, or its $10 and you get a $10 credit from Square on your account. The second is about $60 and you can tap any credit card or use debit. I offered a survey a while ago about Square readers, and I found most socials forgot to advertise it and said they could have made more if they had told people about it. So if you get one, advertise it at the door, at your ticket sales and at your prizes at least. From the survey the average sales was about $1800, most also had a code that would offer no charge for the first $1000, so it only cost about $24 (average fee of $3 on every $100 collected) for receiving $1800. To me that is a pretty great return.

** I am not an affiliate of Square, I do use one for my photography business and I genuinely love it.

Edit: I do have a code for anyone wanting to get one, you will receive free processing on $1000 in sales for 180 days, great for last minute ticket sales and the night of! please use    https://squareup.com/t/f_referrals/dt_android?route=i%2FSTILLDREA1&fbclid=IwAR1z7I9uvUMdjwsDoudLTRVa0s-drtqV7EIBbRspdGGlEx31kehgifwJg2g




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